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In the past, Alchemists were thought to be able to transmute base metals into gold.  In a way, that's what I do.  I take ordinary objects or ideas or settings, and transform them into something spectacular and extraordinary for your home.
I am my happiest and "best self" when I am designing, creating or simply learning something new!
I love working with my hands and my head and my heart.  For me, all three of these have to come together in unison, simultaneously, in order for me to create.  Because of this, all of my products, finishes, and pieces of art are original and one of a kind.  They are created especially with each individual clients needs in mind.
The word for this is UNIQUE.
My inspiration comes from everywhere.  You are my inspiration, items in your home are my inspiration, your art is my inspiration, your clothing and how you dress is my inspiration.  Of course, nature and the cosmos are always a never ending source of creative ideas and inspiration...which is why I am obsessed with nature photography.
So many areas of art and design are of interest to me, that I haven't been able to limit myself to just one thing.  I don't like feeling "boxed in," "trapped" or "confined."  Because of this, I've learned to become adept in photography, printmaking, faux finishing, multi-layered plaster finishing, furniture finishing, cabinet finishing, gilding with precious metals, and embellishing objects with hand painted designs.
In my opinion, layering is the key to beauty and depth.  Multiple layers of thin translucent paint or plasters or metallic glazes are the key to building depth and beauty into any piece.  All of this takes time...expertise...artistic skill...and patience.
Because of this, I ask that you not be in a RUSH.  Trust me... and trust the will definitely be worth the wait!
Alchemy Design Studio is a creative and innovative, residential interior art, finish and design firm with a distinguished reputation. Whether you need help with minor updating, a simple face lift, color or finish consulting, adding a few pieces of art or photography, furniture painted or re-finished, cabinets finished, or objects embellished with hand painted designs;  I'll help you achieve the look you want. 
I believe your home should be a reflection of who you are and it also should be your personal safe haven and sanactuary...a place where you rejuvenate.
That's why I spend considerable time listening to each client's specific goals and ideas right from the start. After listening to your ideas, I then go into my studio and create samples of finishes uniquely conceived and customized specifically for you and your home. 
Additionally, I work closely with architects, builders and contractors to ensure quality workmanship and attention to every detail.  My extensive experience and creativity have led to local recognition, and most importantly, very satisfied clients.
At the bottom of this page are the words..."We are limited solely by our imagination."  I truly believe this.  If we can think it...we can find a way to create it.  Let's put our heads together to envision and create something truly unique for you and your home environment.
Call today for an initial consultation!
Please enjoy my website...I so look forward to working with YOU!